Graduation Day
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Graduation Day

What can I say......Our Graduation started at 8am this morning with the set up team....(Thanks) and we knew at 8am it was going to be a hot day...
Where's the we have any more coming...LOL... Hotdogs (s) and I mean dogs(s) arrived and we were good to go. First Nursery School sang at 1030am...then a magician arrived. He was awesome and points for wearing his suit and cape in 30 degree weather..
Animals showed up...Jumping Castles...Face Painter and we were good to go..
My students sang at 12:30 and I wasnt quite sure some of them would make it because of the heat....BUT THEY DID...Did  I forget to mention they rocked....
Thanks to JM---for bringing Chucky E Cheese...the kids loved him.
Thanks to the boys on the BBQ and all the staff who helped today...
OUR BIGGEST and BEST Graduation to date...
Was also nice to see some alumni show up for the event...
Thanks to everyone who made the day great... and for the clean up crew at the end....your a life saver!

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